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Latest News

  • News 1

    OBM offers the first and only Business Analyser in Malaysia, a Corporate Performance Management (CPM). read more >
  • News 2

    Congratulations to Yonming Auto Group for receiving the Excellent Overseas Service Station Award from Higer Bus for YonMing Workshop's excellent performance. read more >
  • News 3

    Congratulations to KNM for Securing Projects of £450mil (RM2.196bil) in England and in Overseas. read more >
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    Contact OBM or locate a dealer nearest to you. read more >
  • GST

    Are you ready for GST in April 2015? read more >

  • News 4
    Congratulations to Givi on Winning theBrand Laureate Award! Givi has won the award being the Best Brands in Motorcycle Accessories. This is another award won since obtaining the Enterprise 50 Award,inMalaysia's Enterprising Spirit in 2007.
    read more >

  • News 5
    Main board company IGB Bhd, the owner of Malaysia's largest shopping mall, has successfully implemented OBM Enterprise Financial System. After its merger with another main board company Tan & Tan BHD, the later company has also used OBM system to manage its business.
    read more >

  • News 6
    Implementation of OBM Financial System extended to Singapore Distributors after successful implementation done throughout Malaysia. Shell chose OBM Enterprise MBBM versions for the project.
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